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bike·protect Prevents Injuries of Motorcyclists
Ohlsdorf, April 21, 2010
bike·protect prevents injuries to motorcyclists and saves millions of euros in consequential costs of accidents

As soon as the motorcycle season starts, the first reports of seriously injured and killed motorcyclists begin to come in. Many of these motorcyclists injure themselves seriously or are even killed by striking guard rails. In addition to the human suffering, this causes high consequential costs for the general public. With the bike·protect guard rail system from  Asamer Rubber Technology GmbH (a subsidiary of the Asamer group), many injuries can be avoided, in particular those to motorcyclists, as well as up to 30% of consequential costs of accidents, which amounts to approximately 300 million euros. With the support of the state of Upper Austria, several dangerous curves on much-loved Upper Austrian motorcycle routes are now being equipped with the system.

bike·protect protects motorcyclists
Energy Globe
Great joy at ART: Their “bike•protect” invention has been chosen for the Upper Austrian Energy Globe prize.

This is a public award for the motorcycle driving-over protector from Ohlsdorf. In the “Earth” category, Thomas Danner MS of ART, representing the entire team, was awarded the Energy Globe for an “exceptional contribution”.“bike•protect” is manufactured of recycled old tires, as are many other innovative products from ART.The rubber granulate collected in this way is processed into a rubber-steel structure which is installed under the guard rails and which softens the force of impact and thereby prevents serious injuries.

The jury was convinced by the double utility of the project. The laudation stated: “Old car tires were the spark behind this idea for a world-wide business model that not only protects the environment, but also contributes to traffic safety”.
“We are extremely happy about it,”said Thomas Danner. “After all, there are several years of work in this product!” 

Energy Globe for the development of bike•protect

State Construction Commission  member and Lieutenant Governor Franz Hieslspoke out in favor of bike•protect and car•protect: On April 22, Upper Austrian Construction Commission member and Lieutenant Governor Franz Heisl visited our trade show stand at ASTRAD 09, in Wels

In a lively discussion, he collected information on the current state of developments in the field of motorcycle safety and on the clearly positive experiences of people on the routes where the system has already been installed. He was very pleased with our intense commitment to products that very substantially contribute to increasing traffic safety.

ASTRAD 09 mit Motorrennfahrer Gustl Auinger
ASAflex for Modification of Plastics

ASAflex can be used as a high-quality plastic masterbatch for production of automotive supply parts.

The activities of ART continue to intensify in their focus on plastics processing. This means the circuit is starting to close completely. After pretreatment, elastomeric additives gained from old tire recycling are compounded into masterbatches with specially developed formulas. These can then be added directly during plastics processing in practically all prevalent processes and contribute an interesting characteristics profile to the final application. It is not seldom that these final applications then find their way back into the automobile as components or modules. The products ASAflex 1001, ASAflex 3001, and ASAflex 5001 are available commercially on the market. For a product presentation and data sheets on these products, click here.

If you have any questions, Ms. Kathrin Rüth, Tel.: 050 799 - 5301, will be happy to help. Together with our partners, we are ready to advise you in more detail on any questions of application technology.